Hello, my name is Mackenzie Oliver, I have a secret…I know how we can change the world.

I started this Club, in grade 3 when friends of mine thought they were getting fat and it upset me that they were sad. I went home to my mom, and told her. She took me into the bathroom and told me when I opened my eyes, the only persons opinion that mattered was who I saw. When I opened my eyes, I was the only one in the mirror. I cried, knowing that she loved me no matter what, but I had to love me first…so I went to school the next day and did the same thing to those girls, and the club was born.

My mission is to ensure every girl and boy around the world knows that they matter and that the only opinion of themselves that matters, is theirs. Creating a movement of self-esteem around the world...and helping others, just because that makes you feel good.

By providing the reminder to all that “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will NEVER hurt me” Our goal is to instill in every child the knowledge that they must love themselves first and that that love will lead to a postive self-confidence that no one can take away from them…and with that knowledge We have created our secret… WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!!!